ADVANTAGE:lStretch is easy ,comfortable  and durablelFabric  is  soft ,crisp  and  drapinglFabric surface can be smooth  and  wrinkle  resistance  is  goodlGood dimensional   stability ,easy  to  handlelWashing resistancelGood Dyeing effect SPECIFICATION:50D/48F    75D/48F    75D/48F/2
FEATURES: Fur fabric soft hand feeling,leather appearanceGood moisture permeability, easy take careAPPLICATIONS:Artificial leather coat,jackets,fashion clothes,sofa covers,curtains,shoes and other artificial leather products etc.SPECIFICATION:Raw white and Dope Dyed BlackFDY 50D/24F,75D/24FDTY95D/48F,105D/36F,105D/48F,160D/60F,180D/60F,215D/72F,225D/72F
FEATURES:1, Comfortable elasticity and excellent resilience performance.2, Softness,fluffiness and tight twist process applicable.3, Outstanding dyeing property and dimensional stability. APPLICATION: Swimsuit, Sportswear, Elastic jeans, Fur-like fabrics as well as Medical items and Tufted carpet, also suitable for woven and knitted elastic women's fashion fabrics. SPECIFICATION: 50D~300D/24F~288F
FEATURES:1、Deeper color is deeper, high fastness, bright colored.2、CD+SD, can be obtained by adjusting the proportion cation, difference double color effect (including difference, shades difference etc.)3、 CD+SD, easy to get double color stipe, grid, desirable color yarn-dyed fabrics and a variey of raw material through different dyestuff to effect three color.APPLICATIONS:1、Weft Knitting: Sportsware fabric, fleece,sweaters, home textiles, etc.2、Warp Knitting: Home textile, Garment materials, swimsuits, etc.3、Woven: woven jacket, tents, camouflage, dimout fabric.SPECIFICATION:50-600D/72-216FBreed: with difference flower typeDesign Type: Dot, Strip, Attitude of Rock
FEATURES: Free dyeing, High temperature resistance and high fastness, looks like CD+SD effect.Color type:Light Grey,Medium Grey, Dark GreyDesign Type: Dot, Strip, Attitude of RockAPPLICATIONS: Weft Knitting:Sport, Underwear,Bra,Shoe MaterialWeaving:Home Textured, cloth fabricSPECIFICATION:75D-300D/84-168F
FEATURES:1,  Halogen-free, Phosphorus Content more than 6500 PPM2,  Permanent fire retardant.3,  Passed multi-national Fire Retardant test standard such asChina: GB 20286-2006; UK:BS5852/BS5438;USA:NFPA701; France:NFP92-503 M1; Germany:DIN4102 B1 APPLICATIONS:Dress: Fire-Protection SuitHome Textile: Carpet, Curtain, Table ClothIndustrial Textile: Car Inner Fabric SPECIFICATION: FDY/DTY Dope dyed black: 150D/48F, 150D/48F/2Full dull: 75D/72F,75D/72F/2Raw White:50D/36F,75D/36F,150D/48F,150D/48F/2
FEATURES:1、 Attaching fabrics an unique natural touching feeling of coolness, breathable with an excellent sense of pendant.2、 Nice anti-wrinkle performance, free of ironing.APPLICATIONS:1、 Weft knitting: Knitwear, women’s suits, Kasaya, Sari, etc.2、 Warp Knitting: Home textile, etc.3、 Woven: Curtains, Window screen, etc.SPECIFICATION:50D/36F、68D/48F、75D/36F、100D/36F、135D/108F、150D/96F
FEATURES:1、  Quick & Dry2、  Breathable3、 Excellent soft & smooth feelingAPPLICATIONS:Sportswear, Outdoor clothing, Casual, Underwear, Shirts, etc.SPECIFICATION:semidull and full dull 50-150D/36-144F
FEATURES:                                                                                                   High intensityDurable washingEnvironmentally friendlyExelllent processing                                                                                                   APPLICATIONS:filter ...
APPLICATIONSPolar fleece knitting fabricsOuter wear (as snowcoat, windcoat, skiweat,coats etc.)Antipilling Fabric (keeping warm)Keeping-warm underwears and socksClimbing wearsUphoslstery (as coverlet, quilt cover, bed sheet, etc)Used in making light and insulated fabric and lightRaschel BlanketSPECIFICATIONSFDY 75D-125D/72F 150/96DTY 65D-300D/48-144F
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